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7 Must Have Features Of A High-Risk Payment Gateway

by Kimberly Baylies on December 2, 2021

Balance your high risk business with a robust high risk payment gateway.Businesses that are trying to be successful while operating in a high risk environment have to be picky about their merchant services. Being in a risky industry, high chargeback ratios, and excessive fraud all threaten your livelihood and the future of your business. And if your business is affected by any of these things, you already know how important it is to partner with the right merchant services provider for your high risk merchant account. But what you might not know is how important a robust, high-risk payment gateway is to your success.

Today, we’re going to highlight several features we believe are non-negotiable when choosing the right payment gateway for your high-risk business. 

Not sure if you need or could benefit from a high-risk merchant account? Pop on over and read “5 Signs You Need A High Risk Merchant Account”. Any one of these scenarios could mean you’d benefit from the stability of a high-risk merchant account over a standard merchant account.

7 (or 8) things to look for in a high risk payment gateway:


1. Advanced Fraud Protection

Robust fraud protection tools are far and away one of the most important features for high-risk merchants. Advanced fraud protection is not only 100% PCI compliant, it exceeds it. State-of-the-art Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), exceeds industry fraud protection standards. With P2PE, card holder data is encrypted throughout every point of the transaction. What are the other advanced features? Does it use 3D Secure Payer Authentication? Security protocols such as Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode protect customer’s sensitive data. But they also benefit the merchant with lower interchange rates and enhanced chargeback protection.

2. Advanced Reporting Features

Don't underestimate the importance of information and data in your business. Having access to specific information helps business run smoothly. Clear and concise access to data gives you a precise picture of how your business is performing and empowers more informed decision making. Advanced Reporting allows you to quickly and easily generate detailed reports for all your processing activity. Whether you need to navigate to a single transaction or a group of transactions, robust reporting will make it easy.

3. Batch Processing - upload large files of transactions and batch at once

If you process large volumes of transactions, batch processing is a must. Powerful batch processing capabilities allow you to upload and transmit large volumes with the click of a button. Simply open the secure Batch Processing Portal and upload your file. Batch processing can be a huge benefit for subscription and membership companies that accept recurring billing payments. 

4. Multiple MID Capabilities

Many high-risk businesses have more than one Merchant ID. Others have multiple locations requiring multiple MIDs. Why have to manage each one individually? With Multi MID functionality, merchants manage every one through a single portal within their Merchant Control Panel. Enjoy a single intuitive portal that’s capable of managing multiple MIDs. Create individual reports or consolidate your reporting for all accounts together.

5. Recurring Billing Capabilities

Flexibility is key when it comes to recurring and subscription billing capabilities. Merchants that offer subscription and auto-refill need to be able to customize their billing features to their specific needs. Whether you want to bill every week, monthly, quarterly, or once every 59 weeks, you must have the features that work with your needs.

6. Electronic Invoicing

Robust invoicing features help you get paid faster. When you get paid faster, you have better control over cash flow. And all businesses want more control over cash flow. Electronic Invoices must be easy to create and easy to send. Automate payment reminders and stop chasing payments.

They should also have features that make it easier for your customers to pay you. Customers should be able to view and download invoices wherever they receive them. And a clickable “Pay” button right on the electronic invoice makes paying a painless process for customers. Let your customers pay you whatever way is most convenient for them. Whether they want to pay with credit card or through bank transfer, multiple options make it easy.

7. Seamless Integrations (with plugin or simple API)

Merchants don’t have time for long and painful integrations. High-risk businesses will often streamline operations using both online and offline 3rd party tools. Your new high-risk payment gateway must integrate seamlessly and have you ready to accept secure payments with no downtime. Make sure that you can integrate using either an intuitive Plugin or a simple API. 

8. Personal Service from a team that actually knows your business

Experience and dedicated customer service ultimately determine the success of your merchant account and your business. You need to be paired with the proper solution to ensure dependable payment processing. You need the right tools to streamline challenging payment processing. And you need dependable customer service to help you navigate it all smoothly.

Only through extensive high-risk experience, coupled with a vast group of banking partners, will you get a solution that caters to your specific needs. High-risk businesses tend to have more fraud, more chargebacks, and just more challenges than most businesses. 

When you work with a merchant account provider with a service-oriented mindset, the success of your business is paramount. You’ll be met with professional and ethical service every time you pick up the phone.

Get the most cutting edge tools and features with an experience high-risk merchant service provider

Would your business benefit from accepting payments through a robust high-risk payment gateway?At Bankcard International Group, we’ve curated a team of highly educated individuals. They're educated in all aspects of the payments ecosystem, including government regulations, compliance, and security, as well as technology and trends. We have almost two decades of experience in high risk merchant services. So we are well versed in the challenges of a high risk merchant account and working with hard to place businesses. All our advisors have achieved ETA Certification and adhere to the highest levels of integrity in service. 

At B.I.G., our goal is to create lifelong relationships by providing cutting edge technology and tools coupled with world-class customer service. If you're ready for a better merchant service provider experience, call us today. We're here for you!


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