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How To Get An Adult Content Merchant Account And Payment Gateway

by Kimberly Baylies on March 22, 2022

Are you having a hard time finding a reliable merchant account for you adult content website?If you're operating a business in the adult industry sector, you're well aware of the challenges. Excessive government regulation, fraud, chargebacks, public perception. Trouble getting the financial and payment services you need to run a successful business.

For the adult content industry, finding and getting approved for a sustainable merchant account to accept payments is a daunting task. Finding a Merchant Service Provider who is reliable, reputable, and fair is almost just as difficult. 


Adult content merchant accounts are challenging

First of all, many acquiring banks have adult entertainment on their list of prohibited merchants. They’re just not prepared to take on the risks associated with serving high-risk business models. 

To make matters worse, as far as sales reps go, the payment processing industry has a high turnover rate. 

Salesmen tend to come and go quickly, especially in the high-risk processing sector. They don't take the time to understand interchange rates and traditional credit card processing, let alone the complexities of high-risk processing. 

Agents are often looking to sign as many clients as possible and move on. Often leaving merchants with excessively high rates, poor service, and a long contract they can’t cancel.

But we don't need to focus on how many payment processors and banks won't work with you.

What we’re going to focus on here is getting you a reliable and experienced adult merchant account provider who will. One who is fully experienced in high-risk payment processing, understands and is prepared to handle the challenges, and has curated the solutions you need.

For an adult content merchant account and payment gateway, experience is key

While there are unscrupulous sales practices out there, there’s also Merchant Service Providers who hold themselves to a higher standard. It is possible to find a high risk Merchant Account Provider who is reputable and transparent, as well as well-educated and dependable. 

We like to think we are one of them.

Bankcard International Group has garnered extensive experience in the high-risk payment processing realm. Working with an experienced MSP will give you the best chance of finding the right solution for your business, at the prices you want, and the reliability you need. 

We’ve carefully created strategic and longstanding relationships with banking partners well versed in the intricacies of high-risk business models. With multiple solutions available, a good processor can help assist with load balancing to diversify or mitigate risk and chargeback ratios. We’ve curated the solutions businesses need to mitigate the risks and provide the customer service the adult industry business owners deserve. 

All of our agents are highly-educated, ETA Certified Payment Professionals. These strengths have made us uniquely capable of providing sustainable services to the adult content business sector.

Because of this, Bankcard International Group has become the preferred choice as Merchant Service Provider for the adult industry, and other high-risk businesses alike.

Adult sector business owners are savvy businesses who deserve to be treated as professionals

You’re a professional. Demand to work with a processor who considers himself a professional.

A professional payment processing agent takes their position seriously enough to take the time to earn their ETA-Certified Payments Professional Certification. This certification is the only certification created specifically for the payments industry. But it is an optional certification. Currently, there are no requirements for training to work in the payments industry. 

As we’ve noted, high-risk payment processing sales reps tend to come and go quickly. Since the ETA-CPP certification is not required to work in the industry, many have no desire to invest in gaining this valuable industry education. 

Merchants are left with salesmen whose only interest is making a sale, locking in a long contract with high rates, and moving on to the next.

That just won't suffice for high-risk adult merchants. 

Demand to work with a professional for your adult website merchant account.

Given all the hurdles you already have to face as a business owner operating in the adult sector, payment processing needn’t be one of them. Adult industry business owners don't need to settle for a subpar merchant account just to keep business running. Especially at the expense of robust solutions, personalized service, and a big chunk of their profits. 

Adult industry merchants need a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway from a legitimate and reliable provider. They need to partner with a merchant account provider who understands their challenges and has solutions to meet them. And they need to work with experienced and trustworthy professionals who treat them as professionals. Demand ETA Certified Payment Professionals for your business. 

Proper solutions ensure the dependability of your adult payment gateway and merchant account

For business owners to be successful, they must have access to comprehensive solutions that address their business needs and challenges. Of course, adult industry merchants must be able to accept credit card payments. But they also need to offer alternative payment methods if they want to meet the needs of a vast clientele. 

Ecommerce adult entertainment businesses operate in a card-not-present (CNP) environment. CNP transactions are harder to validate and authenticate card and purchaser information. This means they are subject to higher risks for fraud and chargebacks.

They need to employ solutions that help to mitigate the many challenges that plague the industry if they want to be profitable. And they need a payment processing solution that is reliable and financially sustainable, so they never have to endure merchant account shut down. 

These are all things that affect the dependability of an adult merchant account. Fortunately, they can all be achieved with a processor who knows what you need and has the solutions to fit your business. 

Multiple payment options

In addition to accepting credit cards, adult content merchants need to offer multiple alternative payment options.

ACH and Echecks are quick, secure, and convenient

Bank transfers help you reach a greater portion of the population. This provides an option for customers that may not have available credit or simply don't want to put a charge on their credit card. Electronic bank transfers are not only regularly used by consumers, but they can also help merchants increase sales. They are also less expensive to process than credit card transactions. 

Alternative payments such as Bitcoin are becoming more mainstream 

The adult industry is one of a group of high-risk businesses that can greatly benefit from accepting Bitcoin payments. Any business sector that has a difficult time finding traditional payment processing can benefit from alternative payment solutions, such as Bitcoin payments. But accepting this form of currency can help to address many of the challenges that plague the adult sector. Fraud, chargebacks, International transactions, high costs of processing, and more. 

Bitcoin payments are quick and convenient. In fact, transactions happen almost instantly. Merchants enjoy instant conversion to their local fiat currency, or keep it in Bitcoin if you like. You're in control. Conversion allows merchants to avoid price volatility, or hold it and ride the wave. 

Accept Bitcoin payments for your adult industry eCommerce website.Accepting Bitcoin is a great way to diversify your payment options for different clientele. Because of the anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions, accepting this form of payment affords your customers the privacy they crave.

Not only does accepting Bitcoin expand payment options, it also helps to reduce costs. High-risk merchant accounts, in general, have higher processing costs than regular merchant accounts. Accepting Bitcoin transactions, on the other hand, costs significantly less than credit cards. It can also help to load balance risk due to large transaction volumes. 

And since cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, accepting this type of payments can help you lower your chargeback filings simply due to a certain percentage of total transactions moving to Bitcoin. It will help you reduce the money spent on managing chargebacks as well as losses due to the refund. 

Subscription services

Many online adult content sites are membership based. This means the merchant ticks all the boxes for high-risk payments: CNP, recurring billing, large transactions volume, risky business category. They need an acquiring bank prepared to handle it. The high-risk merchant account must support Unlimited recurring billing and offer customer management for subscription services.

Global market payments

Online adult businesses often operate in a global market. This means they often have to deal with foreign transactions and currencies. 

Merchants must have a processor who can handle transactions in multiple currencies and support dynamic currency exchange.

Chargebacks prevention and representation 

A high incidence of chargebacks filed against them is part of doing business for any online company, but it's especially true for adult products. Merchants must work with a bank who can handle the risk that high chargeback ratios represent. The merchant needs access to chargeback management solutions to help them better resolve the filings.

Chargeback mitigation services can help notify merchants before a filing becomes a chargeback on the record. This way, it gives the merchant a chance to resolve it with the client in advance. The service can also assist merchants with “representment” to help them fight the filings that couldn't be prevented. 

Are you protecting your adult content website with the most robust fraud prevention software?

Fraud detection and prevention solutions.

Unfortunately, the adult industry is one that cyber criminals and fraudsters like to target. In fact, they have a higher number of fraud attempts than most online businesses. For this reason, adult content and product merchants need automated and robust fraud detection and prevention tools. This can help them differentiate good customers from potentially fraudulent transactions. And it will help build trust with their clientele and better protect sensitive data. 


Look at your adult merchant services provider as a partner in your success

Business owners in the adult industry are savvy entrepreneurs. They deserve a merchant service provider who will treat them with respect and will conduct business honestly and with integrity.

It's important for merchants to understand that this isn't just a service you’re paying for. It is a business partnership. You want reliable payment processing for the life of your business, and that may look different as your business grows. 

We strive to cultivate an honest and open business relationship with our adult merchants that extends both ways. We need to understand your business model and all the services it offers now. And we need to make sure your solution can support your business as it grows. It's important to reach out to your advisor first, anytime you expand into new areas of the industry or add new products to your portfolio.

This way, both parties will be fully aware and prepared for any changes or updates to your merchant account to accommodate these changes. And you won't have to worry about interruptions to business due to merchant account freeze or shut down. 

The dependability of your adult merchant account is directly related to your processor's preparedness and ability to handle the challenges of this high-risk industry.

We are the industry’s leading high risk merchant account provider. And we are highly experienced in working with merchants in the adult industry business sector, specifically. Over the years, we’ve been able to provide secure, reliable, and affordable merchant accounts to thousands of happy customers. 

For an adult merchant account solution and partner you can rely on, call today.



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