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Grow Your Business With Cannabis Seed Payment Processing

by Kimberly Baylies on October 21, 2020

Cannabis Seed Payment ProcessingFinding a payment processing solution when your product is cannabis seed hasn't been the easiest thing for merchants. Cannabis seed payment processing entailed either lying to the bank or going to an offshore processor. Banks are notorious for turning down a merchant account application as soon as they realize what the product is. 

Businesses that are considered ancillary to the cannabis industry, or are seen to support or promote it, bring more regulation and liability to banks. Banks don't like to take on extra expenses, extra work, or extra liability.

But why? Seeds aren't illegal. Cannabis seeds are used for many purposes beyond growing the cannabis plant. But they exist in a legal gray area.

Legal gray area makes cannabis seed payment processing elusive.

The 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs states that cannabis and its leaves are an illicit substance. But it specifically exempts the seeds. The Convention “explicitly exempts Cannabis seeds, fibers, and “leaves when not accompanied by the tops”.

For all intents and purposes, the cannabis seed is not considered a drug. The seed itself contains no narcotic components. However, cultivation of said seed results in the growing and possession of a cannabis plant. A plant from which one can harvest an illegal substance. Seeds end up in the procurement of an illicit drug… federally speaking, anyway.

In addition, each state that has legalized the use and cultivation of cannabis has laws that vary greatly from each other.

For instance, both California and Nevada allow a person to grow up to 6 plants for personal consumption. But in Nevada, you're only allowed to grow if you live more than 25 miles from the nearest licensed dispensary.

Banks are not in the business of policing commerce. It causes a lot of extra red tape and liability. And these things mean risks that many banks don't want to take on.

The cannabis industry is growing and so are its payment options.Accepting payments for cannabis seeds is easier than you think.

The global legal cannabis market is expected to be worth $73.6 billion by 2027.  It doesn't matter if you're considered as ancillary or a marijuana related business (MRB). Seed sales are an integral part of the legal burgeoning cannabis industry.

Cannabis seed vendors sell to all types of people and all sizes of business. You may sell to individuals for cultivation for personal medicinal purposes. But you may also sell to large-scale operations such as nurseries. And to provide your customers with the products they need, you must be able to accept payments for cannabis seed orders. 

Thankfully, cannabis seed payment processing isn't as elusive as it used to be. You no longer have to resign yourself to accepting an offshore merchant account to accept payments for cannabis seed. 

Working with these solutions can be exasperating. You often have to accept less than desirable terms for your merchant account. You will often be hit with extremely high processing rates and fees. Your deposits are irregular and you have to pay expensive wire fees just to get your money. Not to mention dealing with the time difference. Getting a hold of customer service when they operate in an entirely different time zone is a feat.

Accept all kinds of payments with cannabis seed payment processing.

You won't settle for any of that with our cannabis seed merchant account. This is a domestic and transparent solution for accepting credit card payments for cannabis seed.

Our partners are prepared to offer PCI-Compliant credit card processing to legally operating marijuana seed distributors.

Here are some easy conditions of our cannabis seed payment processing solution:

  • Competitively low rates for high-risk business models.
  • NO expensive application/set up fees
  • Requires NO Reserves!
  • NO international Wire Fees
  • Customers aren't subject to international fees
  • Funds daily 
  • Easily integrates with your website 

Accept payments for cannabis seeds with all the best merchant account features.

Increase payment options for your customers by accepting eChecks for cannabis seed.

We can also provide you with reliable eCheck processing to help expand your payment options for better customer convenience.

Rest assured that this is a reliable method for accepting payments for the long term. Our cannabis seed eCheck processing is provided by one of the oldest eCheck processors in the country. They've been doing this a long time and are fully aware of the challenges the industry presents.

Accepting eChecks is also a very secure way to accept payments for both you and your customer. Payment information is stored with bank level security. Bank account information is stored utilizing encrypted tokenization by the processor. Not only does this relieve you of being liable for its safety, but it also helps reduce your PCI obligations. Plus, it's always good business sense to have a way to accept payments as a backup to credit card processing.  


Accepting eChecks in addition to credit card payments provides businesses with many benefits.

  • Accept eCheck payments for large invoices up to $25,000 
  • Recurring payments features add to the convenience.
  • Electronic invoicing features - email invoices to your customers 
  • Clients pay through a convenient “pay invoice now” button right in their electronic invoice. 
  • Allows for faster payments that are trackable. 
  • Affordable way to accept payments since Echecks are less than half the cost of credit card processing

Navigating Cannabis seed paymentsWe only offer legitimate payment solutions. We do not hide your business type or register your business under a false Merchant Category Code MCC. All our solutions are completely transparent. Meaning that our financial institution is fully aware of the business model and products of our merchants.

Because they know and accept the business type, you won't risk a merchant account shut down. They’re able to provide one of the only stable and domestic processing solutions in the industry. Now your customers can pay you with the payment method that best fits their needs. 

Whether they pay with credit card, debit, or eCheck, we have the best solution for your business needs. 

Get your cannabis seed merchant account now!

At Bankcard International Group, we’ll put our 20 years of experience in high-risk processing to work for you. We’re dedicated to providing payment processing that's both legitimate and dependable. And we’ve only been able to accomplish that through experience and strong banking partnerships with like-minded institutions. 

The success of your business is important to us. We believe your payment processing solution should enhance your business’s success. Let one of our ETA Certified payments advisors help find the best solution for your business needs.  

Come on over and “Experience the B.I.G. Difference!”




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