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CBD Payment Processing News: Credit Card Solution

by Kimberly Baylies on November 2, 2019

Bankcard International Group would like to take a moment to ANNOUNCE our CBD Payment Processing Solution!! 

We are offering enrollment options for our CBD payment processing solution. Established merchants who qualify can begin accepting debit and credit card payments for CBD products. 

If you have already read enough.... and want to get started right away:


Reliable payment processing has been the bane of existence for CBD merchants. Shortly after celebrating CBD's removal from the list of controlled substances, businesses realized it created a new host of problems. Business owners have found that having a legal product and selling a legal product are two separate things. Especially in the eyes of the Federal Government. Merchants are quickly finding that just because a product isn't listed as a drug by the Schedule of Controlled Substances doesn’t mean you can do anything you want with it and sell it everywhere you want. There are other governing bodies that want to get their hands in the pot as well. Yes, we are referring to the FDA. 

Warning letters have gone out to merchants marketing CBD and CBD infused products.

As we are all more than aware, the FDA has begun to take a stand when it comes to how merchants can market CBD. Regulating types of claims they can make (none) about products, and who (and where) they are able to sell those products to. The FDA is spending time to not only review CBD merchant’s websites and product information but are also combing the internet. Spending resources to dig deep inside blog and article information as well as social media sites for any information that may be against the regulations of the FDA. 

What does the FDA’s interest in how you market CBD products have to do with accepting payments for CBD products?

Accept credit cards for CBD Products

CBD regulations could affect your merchant merchant account to accept credit cards.  The problem with the FDA defining CBD, and CBD products  (regardless of whether it's hemp sourced), under FDA guidelines? Well, it makes it difficult for banks to comply to the laws. The Federal Reserve back the banking industry. They are subject to their own liabilities if they facilitate payments for a merchant who is potentially breaking the law. This has lead to severe difficulty in finding a domestic bank that will process for CBD merchants and eCommerce stores. Many merchants have found it difficult to acquire a merchant account to accept debit and credit card payments for CBD products. The FDA has sent warning letters to businesses selling CBD. Banks have closed the merchant accounts of businesses selling CBD products.

What are some of the activities the FDA is not condoning?

  • The marketing of any CBD product that can be consumed or used for an ailment, considered a “supplement”, or food additive due to the fact that they (the FDA) have determined that these types of products are considered unapproved new drugs by Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act stating that they find these types of items to be defined as misbranded drugs.
  • Any claims of the product ‘curing, treating, or preventing any disease or that the intended use of the product  is to affect the structure or any function of the body.’
  • Any claims that CBD is, or can be considered, a dietary supplement.
  • Even dog treats containing CBD have been singled out by these warning letters as misbranded new drugs. 

Basically, the FDA does not want any claims made about CBD.

Making any claims on these products will result in the FDA determining that they are indeed drugs under section 201(g)(1) of the FD&C Act, 21 U.S.C. 321(g)(1). The Act states that a product is a drug if “they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and/or intended to affect the structure or any function of the body”.

Also, any “adulterated drug” is prohibited from being introduced into interstate commerce, and because CBD is now considered a drug by the FDA, any product containing it is therefore considered a drug.

The FDA is prompting action against financial institutions for getting involved with companies that are not compliant with their regulations (ie: the recent Elevon debacle). Because of this, merchants have found it increasingly difficult to find a reliably backed payment solution for accepting credit card payments for CBD and CBD products.

To make things more confusing, there are many payment providers who are jumping on the bandwagon promising to offer the best solution for CBD payments. A few of these companies lead merchants to believe CB payment processing is easy and widely available, promising the world and making grandiose claims about being able to process every type of product, and taking everything. I guarantee they are not able to transparently process everything.

Hold the word in your hand with reliable credit card processing for CBDHow is our CBD Payment Processing Solution better?

First of all, we are not promising the world! We are, however, working diligently to build the foundation needed to bring solutions to everyone in the CBD industry, but that will take time. Our new solution, while being cutting edge in the industry, is not without a few caveats. 

Firstly, there are a few product types and merchants that, for now, just cannot be serviced. The new CBD payment processing solution will not tolerate any sales of vape or flower. It is for Hemp-derived CBD products only, which leads us to the next caveat.

This program is also only open to eCommerce Hemp CBD stores. It is not available for brick-and-mortar retail merchants. Unfortunately, banks cannot monitor the products being sold in all of the physical stores operating all over the country reliably. 

On top of that, despite the fact that hemp CBD is Federally legal, there are still a few states that, under States Rights, have implemented their own laws surrounding the legality of CBD in general. This adds to banks’ complexities in monitoring products and their particular legality within a state, especially in retail stores.


How did this new CBD payment processing solution come to life? 

Bankcard International Group (BIG) has worked diligently to forge a deep and trusting banking relationship in order to offer our clients a reliable and sustainable CBD product payment solution for our clients. We are well aware that moving forward in this space is more of a marathon than a sprint.

In order to process payments for the CBD industry, banks must jump through a few hoops. Banks must have their Compliance Program approved by the Card Brands (Visa/MC, etc.) prior to servicing any merchant in the industry. We took the time to do our due diligence. We took all of the steps necessary to submit our rigorously-built compliance program to the Card Brands. The subsequent approval allows us to bring this revolutionary new payment solution to our CBD merchant clients. 

In addition, company underwriting has been specifically formulated to "comply" completely with what the FDA is targeting to the best of our abilities. In order to help support initial acceptance as well as ensure continuing reliable merchant account status, certain steps will be taken prior to application. Special attention has been paid to any restrictions they may require for product descriptions, labeling, and advertising. Underwriting will perform site inspections designed to dig up any potential red flags prior to application.  Ongoing transaction and chargeback monitoring help to make sure our merchants are remaining within allowable thresholds and guidelines per the Card Brand’s guidelines. 

Our underwriting team and banking solution are devoted to working together to enable the continued success of the program. And therefore to our clients’ ongoing success. 

Highlights of the new CBD payment processing solution you didn't expect!

winning the game with your new CBD Merchant Account

eMerchants will not have to sacrifice choice when applying for our CBD Merchant Account Program. We are capable of integrating with many shopping carts and website platforms, including Shopify! Offering our merchants the ability to integrate with a wide array of payment gateways, makes switching a breeze.

We have always promised transparent and affordable payment processing and our CBD Payments Program is no different. It took diligent negotiation with our processing solution. Transparent and affordable rates are now available to the industry and to the merchants who qualify for the Program. 

Our goal is to offer clients a CBD payment solution that enhances their business model and supports their success. And that is exactly what we have accomplished.

Besides negotiating truly affordable rates, the CBD solution also requires NO setup fees and NO reserves!

Domestic processing, what a relief!  No worrying about your transactions being denied due to looking as if they are originating in a foreign country.  Not to mention the bonus of domestic customer support.

CBD merchant services are an evolving territory.

We were able to accomplish this solely due to our commitment to supporting all parties involved. And by doing our part to help to mitigate risk and provide best practices for the evolving CBD market.

This is how we can promise that our program offers lower rates and better terms than any shakey Square program. Or really any other new payment solution being offered to merchants marketing, selling, or distributing CBD and CBD products.

Merchant Service Providers have made empty promises before. We have taken the extra time and effort (just short of a year!) that was needed to ensure we were creating a CBD merchant account solution that would not be just another fly-by-night, ”here today, gone tomorrow” solution. As the industry leader for high risk merchant services we are confident in the stability and competitiveness of our services.

If you are looking to finally find a real solution that you can count on, to partner with a company that is dedicated to your ongoing success and not just their own bottom line, give us a call today. Find out how our NEW CBD Payments Solution can support your business and the future of your entire business model.

Allow us to show you what it is like to “Experience the BIG Difference!"


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