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Was Your Merchant Account Affected By The Wirecard Insolvency?

by Kimberly Baylies on September 10, 2020

Get a secure, high-risk merchant account to accept payments.The fallout from Wirecard’s insolvency has a much greater reach than one might think. Cardholders had their accounts frozen, lenders lost billions, so did stockholders. And merchants (even some here in the U.S.) must find a new bank to process payments through. But banks that offer high-risk merchant accounts are few and far between. And the insolvency of one of the biggest isn’t helping.

Wirecard was one of the biggest payment processors for high-risk and hard-to-place business models. If your processing payments with Wirecard, you’re most likely a high-risk business model. 

Any business processing with Wirecard takes on significant risk by continuing to process with the company. If the government were to freeze assets pending investigations, it could tie up any merchant revenue not yet funded. In addition, any interruption in payment processing services would cripple a business’s ability to bring in revenue. 

Businesses operating in high-risk categories commonly have a hard time finding an acquiring bank who will approve their merchant account. But, staying with Wirecard is even riskier now that they announced on August 28th they would be “winding down” business and payment processing services. 

To continue to accept payments reliably, high-risk businesses must find an experienced high-risk merchant service provider.

Accepting payments for your products and services is paramount. Without it, your business would fail. You must find a merchant service provider who can offer you a merchant account that is reliable and sustainable. But what does it mean for a merchant account to be reliable and sustainable?

Accept payments securely with a high risk merchant account.

An experienced high-risk merchant service provider will have nurtured strong banking partnerships. They will have created partnerships with banks they know can offer the best solution for the types of businesses they serve. It’s these partnerships that allow them to provide you with the solution that best fits your business. 

For a merchant account to be sustainable, it must be an affordable solution. It won’t do you any good to open a merchant account with a bank that costs you an arm and a leg. And there’s no shortage of processors ready and willing to take advantage of the fact that there aren’t many options for high-risk businesses. If it ends up cutting into your bottom line too deeply, it won’t be a sustainable solution for your business. Some acquiring banks specialize in specific high-risk industry types. For instance, high-risk sectors, such as online gaming and the adult entertainment industry, are notoriously hard to place. They must find a merchant account with a bank that is prepared to take on the challenges the industry brings.  By having both domestic and offshore processing solutions, your advisor will be able to find the solution that offers the best terms for your needs. This will ensure that your merchant account is reliable so you can focus on running your business.

While high-risk merchant services are more expensive, there’s no reason not to expect competitive rates. A reputable merchant services provider will have a solution that fits your needs, at a price you can swallow.

To find a merchant account that’s both reliable and sustainable, you must partner with a reputable merchant account provider. One that operates with integrity and focuses on customer service and customer success. 

Fraud and chargeback management are important factors to take into account when vetting a merchant services provider. 

High risk merchant accounts must include fraud prevention.Some businesses are magnets for fraud and chargebacks. High-risk businesses are often labeled high-risk due to the amount of fraud and chargebacks they have. Some are labeled because of the industry they serve and their reputation. Either way, an experience high-risk merchant account provider understands these challenges and knows how to overcome them. 

Businesses plagued with a high number of chargebacks must actively work to manage chargeback ratios. This one thing can be what causes your merchant account to get shut down. You’re a high-risk business, and high-risk businesses need more support than low-risk businesses. 

A merchant account provider that is focused on client success will be there to provide that support. They know how important robust fraud prevention tools and chargeback management programs are to your success. It’s the best way to protect your business and its customers from cybercriminals. But it’s also the best way to protect the integrity of your merchant account. Client success means supporting you so you can keep your business up and running. 

Bankcard International Group has over 20 years of experience in high risk payment processing. Over the years we’ve created long-standing relationships with high-risk friendly acquiring banks. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best solution and products based on your business model. Our merchant account advisors hold the highest educational certification in the industry. Each has taken the time to become ETA-Certified Payments Professionals. We’ve taken an oath to hold ourselves to ETA standards and abide by the ETA’s Code of Conduct.  This is a certification that is rare in the industry because it is voluntary.

Not only are we experienced, but we’re dedicated to providing reliable and affordable merchant services to our clients. It’s time you had a merchant service provider that values you as a client. It’s time you had a merchant service provider dedicated to your success. 

Call us today! “Let’s Do B.I.G. Things Together!”


Topics: High Risk Merchant Account